caillou is a 15 year old boy who likes to go on crazy adventures

all the time


Caillou was a boy born with cancer and the doctor

gave him a medicine that made him live for a long time

there is the answer to all your answers


He has a bald head,black eyelashes,black eyes,a yellow shirt with red lines,dark blue pants, white socks with red lines,and red shoes


According to peoples grounded videos,he was a trouble making,rude,spoiled,racist,protecting,fighting,rule breaking,powerhungry,corrupt,lazy,dumb,uncaring,dangerous,devilish,and jealous boy who's delighted in causing trouble


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  • shipwrecked
  • life without doris


  • He has cancer
  • He likes gore
  • He is similar to morty from Rick and Morty
  • He is racist (except to his cousin little bill)
  • He thinks anime like sailor moon,The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya,pantie and stocking,but he thinks pokemon is the worst in his opinion
  • He tried to shut down vocaloid once
  • He gets grounded alot of times